Article - Busselton Dunsborough Times - 2 May 2014The Busselton Dunsborough Times of South-West Western Australia have reported there is a rise in creative industries in the region, including the arrival of Gestalt Comics.

According to The Times, the creative industry workforce is growing at a rate of 3.6% per annum in the South-West.

“Web developer and graphic novel publisher Wolfgang Bylsma relocated from the city with his young family 12 months ago seeking clean air, open spaces and lifestyle opportunities.

“He established his businesses, Gestalt Studios and Gestalt Publishing, in Busselton.

“‘Certainly there was a risk involved, moving away from the city where the majority of my clients were,’ he said.

“‘But I have national and international clients and, as long as there was a decent internet connection, my business can operate.'”

Bylsma went on to tell the times that the sense of isolation experienced with less proximate like-minded creative was balanced somewhat by the “honesty and authenticity” of working in regional areas and the professional development opportunities such as the Emergence Creative Festival.