With Halloween on its way, Gestalt Comics has put together some Halloween gift bundles to ensure fans can enjoy a chilling night’s reading …

We could get into the origins of Halloween, originating from ‘All Hallows’ Even’, but really, here at Gestalt we enjoy the annual excuse to get nerves tingling and skin crawling!

Here are the details of the bundles in store right now:

Changing-Ways-Halloween-Bundle-cover art books 1 & 2

Changing Ways Book 1 & 2  $59.90 (RRP) – now $45.95 as a Halloween Bundle

This chillingly good gift pack offers the first two books in the Changing Ways series by Justin Randall.

The first sightings started months ago, igniting rumours of disease and infection. Newspapers reported unusual lesions appearing on livestock and stories of strange side effects spread quickly.

Perhaps it was inevitable that the people of Grey Oaks would be next…


 Other Halloween bundles …

 Digested-Halloween-Bundle  Torn-&-Eldritch-Kid---Halloween-Bundle  Waldo's-Hawaiian-Holiday-&-Vowels-Halloween-Bundle
Digested #1-6 Torn & Eldritch Kid: Whisky & Hate Vowels & Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday
$37.70  $24.95 $49.90  $39.95 $45.90  $27.95