Deer in the Xenon-Arc Lights has given a crackling and almost visual review of Justin Randall‘s Changing Ways: Book 2 –

“There was something else that struck me about the first book that continues here; to this day I’m still yet to see a book that does a better job with its sound effects. There is a scene early on that uses plips of pee in a urinal to establish pacing, tension and shock, it’s brilliant.” – Deer in the Xenon-Arc Lights.

The lengthy review provides an emotive response to reading the second part to the Changing Ways series, and the final prognosis is one that encourages others to go out and purchase the book.

“There is nothing normal or samey about Changing Ways; in an industry built on repetition it is one of the most unique books being made. So you can’t read anything else and ‘get the same idea’, there’s no generic alternative which means that you really need to buy and read it; though unfortunately for us fans means it also means that there is nothing else that can sate this craving besides the third volume.” – Deer in the Xenon-Arc Lights.

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