Out for dinner the night before Supanova Perth 2010 (left to right) Joe Kubert, Wolfgang Bylsma, Royd Burgoyne and Colin Wilson.

Comic book artist Joe Kubert, who started a New Jersey school of cartooning that cemented his legacy as an industry great, has died aged 85.

“I was very saddened to hear that Joe Kubert, who I was fortunate enough to meet during the 2010 convention season, has passed away,” said Wolfgang Bylsma, Editor-In-Chief at Gestalt Comics.

As a comic book artist, Kubert had a hand in creating Sgt. Rock, a World War II Army soldier character that debuted in 1959, as well as the prehistoric Tor, amongst other, more personal works.

“It’s become dramatically more accessible to make a livelihood with this business than it ever has been … We’ve gained a respectability that nobody who started in my business ever dreamed,” said Kubert (www.nj.com).

Kubert’s passing is a huge loss to the comics community, said Bylsma: “All of us at Gestalt wish to share our condolences with the entire Kubert family … He will live on in the work he gave us, as well as the inspiring example he set and theĀ  lessons he passed on to others.”