Gestalt guests at OzComic-Con Melbourne

OzComic-Con comes to Melbourne on the 5th-6th July, 2014 at the Royal Exhibition Building, with Gestalt creators numbering amongst their special guests. With TV and Film stars including Richard Dean Anderson (Macgyver, Stargate), Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm St), Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon A Time) and Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who) among many others, OzComic-Con […]

Paul Gravett talks to Walled City creators

Renowned comics journalist Paul Gravett speaks with Anne Opotowsky on the Walled City trilogy and her inspirations behind the beautifully told story which is sublimely illustrated by Aya Morton (book 1) and Angie Hoffmeister (book 2). The Walled City Trilogy follows three best friends, all of Chinese decent in Hong Kong, whose fates are intertwined […]

‘Lark Case Files’ print editions to debut at OzComic-Con Sydney

September 2014 will see the appearance of both novels in the Lark Case Files series as print editions. Previously only available in eBook format, Black City and newly announced sequel Devil City, will make their print debut at Oz Comic-Con in September 2014. Author Christian Read will be at the Gestalt booth signing both these […]

Devil City – A new ‘Lark Case Files’ novel announced

Following the success of Christian Read‘s acclaimed debut novel, Black City, Gestalt are pleased to announce that a second novel in the Lark Case Files series, Devil City, will be available next month. Gestalt’s Editor-in-Chief, Wolfgang Bylsma, has been absolutely delighted with how well Black City was received. “The decision to publish Black City as […]