CREATOR PROFILE: Andrew Constant

Andrew has been a professional comic book writer since 2011, with the publication of Torn. He has since had a variety of other titles published, including Fly, Broken Line and Sebastian Hawks: For Monster and Country. Torn has been praised by the likes of Greg Rucka who called it a, “mesmerizing, hypnotic and frankly disturbing tale,” and […]


Fly marks a noted departure for writer Andrew Constant, whose other titles tend towards darker themes; among them his reverse-werewolf story, Torn, and the V8 existentialism of Broken Line. However, Fly, once described as Astro Boy meets Iron Giant, portrays an unconventional love story involving robots, bombs, meteors and terrorists. The way true love should […]


Getting a glimpse at someone else’s studio can be hugely inspirational. Today we get to peek inside the workspace of Changing Ways​ award-winning writer/illustrator Justin Randall! Justin was kind enough to take us on a tour of the different workstations in his studio and break it down for us. Overview A) Coloured lights. The main […]