Anne Opotowsky

Anne Opotowsky is a multi award winning writer living in California. Her career spans documentaries, books, and feature films. Opotowsky’s work in film includes Emmy award winning documentaries and distinctive projects for Paramount, Fox, MiraMax, and Disney.

Her latest work for Gestalt, His Dream of the Skyland: Walled City Book 1, is based in imperialist controlled Hong Kong, where the British ruling classes and the ambitious dynasty-influenced Chinese all create an amazing labyrinth for the first book in The Walled City trilogy.

The Chinese-colonial inspired illustrations by Aya Morton are designed to immerse readers of His Dream of the Skyland in an opulent, dark and absorbing world.

An internationalist at heart, Opotowsky has lived and worked around the world her entire life. She was in Cuba at age two, smuggling film out in her sundress; in Central America at 19, dodging cross fire; hovering atop molten Mt. Kilauea at 24; and delving the South China Sea at 29. Opotowsky fell in love with South East Asia early. That has never changed. In fact, her adoration grows with each passing day.