Nil-Pray – The new weird fantasy novel from acclaimed author Christan Read

05 Jun 2017

In a gothic metropolis of the Dead, a Necromancer learns that secrets never die. Nil-Pray is the city of the Dead, where those who cannot rest in the grave come to exist forever. Although even the Dead find reason for strife. In the wake of a terrible world war, the ancient, solitary Nil-Pray rejoins the […]

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Dive into an amazing new animated series – The Deep!

13 Nov 2015

From November 30, everyone around Australia is invited to adventure into The Deep with the daring aquanauts, the Nekton family! A truly all-ages show, this unique and stunning underwater animated series premieres on the Seven Network’s 7TWO showing at 7.30am from Monday to Friday. The series will also broadcast on ABC3 in 2016 and is […]

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