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Changing Ways: Book 1

rated M mature


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Justin Randall

How do you trust someone when you no longer know yourself?

David Barrot, a retired Corrections Officer, moved to Grey Oaks after the tragic death of his son, Cale.

With wife Lucy and daughter Jessie, the Barrot family bought a farm on the outskirts of town and began their new life, putting aside all the dark events of their past.

Unfortunately for them, the dark just won’t leave David alone.

The first sightings started months ago, igniting rumours of disease and infection. Newspapers reported unusual lesions appearing on livestock and stories of strange side effects spread quickly.

Perhaps it was inevitable that the people of Grey Oaks would be next…

These are their Changing Ways.

ISBN: 978-0-9775628-9-3
128 pages, Full Colour, Cover w/ French Flaps & UV Spot Varnish.

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